(HELP!) Wio Terminal to AMG8833 Thermal Camera not displaying thermal image

Hey everyone! Hope this thread is on the right place.

I have trouble with my Wio terminal where the wio terminal unable to display thermal image that connected to AMG8833 thermal camera. The only thing that shows up in the display is “thermal camera” text.

Is it because of my older version of AMG8833? which only have pinout connector and not the grove one . The cable that i currently use to connect the wio terminal and thermal camera is grove to female pin cable.

Is there any methods to connect the AMG8833 with pinout connector to the wio terminal ? And does the wio terminal possible to display the termal image from AMG8833 with pinout connector ?

Here is a picture of my current terminal and thermal camera.

I hope you guys to help me out. Thank you.

Here is my AMG8833 thermal camera

If i made a mistake for create this thread into the wrong topic, please kindly remind me to move on to the right topic. Thank you.

Hi, where did you use the case or code?

Hi there,

I’m sorry but i don’t really understand what you mean, is it about where did i get the code ? If that’s so, i do following the steps on this page : Overview | Adafruit AMG8833 8x8 Thermal Camera Sensor | Adafruit Learning System

Thank you.

I’m very sorry, we haven’t done a compatibility test on this camera, and may not provide technical support for it. You can wait for the reply from other partners in the forum.

Alright thank you mate! Really appreciate.