Help using 1s/div

I’m new to scopes so I am fully prepared for this being user error. If it is, please help!

I’m trying to diagnose a vehicle emissions problem and in particular monitoring the lambda probe with my Quad. In order to do this, I need a large value for the timebase - 1 second.

After starting everything I wait around two minutes for the buffer to fill and the Quad draws the trace. BUT, the trace isn’t continuous. Every two minutes, it redraws the screen so I’m just seeing a 10 second window every two minutes.

This is what I was hoping to see ( scroll forward to about 3:15 )

( that’s using a Nano ). Unfortunately I cannot see the settings being used there.

This is how my Quad is set up -

Apologies if I’m being an idiot.

I think that you can get closer to what you want by changing the buffer size to the screen width rather than the full 4096. This means that it would start the next screen as soon as the last one completes rather than waiting for the full 4096 samples.

The method of flipping to the small screen buffer mode varies according to what s/w you are using. I’m using wildcat which just needs a short press of the right hand toggle to flip but I think the standard s/w needs 4 long presses.

Thanks for the response.

I did mean to give the f/w details in my first post but forgot.

H/W 2.6
Sys 1.52
App 2.53
FPGA 2.61

I’ve tried 4 long presses on the right rocker but didn’t get anywhere. I’ve done a search for information on the short buffer but can only find references within posts about custom f/w like wildcat. Is there any documentation anywhere on advanced modes like switching between buffer sizes. I can’t see anything in the manual.

Thanks again.

I’m not sure whether the standard s/w supports a short buffer mode. I switched to the community version almost straight away and have recently gone to Wildcat. Both support the short buffer mode.

It’s very easy to try these versions out and I suspect you won’t want to go back to the supplied s/w.

That would explain it!

I’ve installed community ( simply because it was quick to find in the first post of its thread ) and that seems to improve things a lot. Apart from a brief pause between screens ( which I can work around ), it has done the job and I can now do what I need to do.

Many thanks.