Help on how to tackle a wire control project ESP32C3

Hi all!

I’ve just got myself an ESP32C3 board and wanted to tinker with it to achieve the following (ambitious?) goal:

  1. On ESP power-on/boot, have two wires shorted/connected by default to replicate a DIP-SWITCH in the ON position.
  2. If at ESP power-on/boot and before a period of 5 seconds, the board detects that a (tiny) Push-Button is in the OFF position (open/no short), then it will disconnect/open the two shorted wires (DIP-ON) so it is OFF (DIP-OFF). After those 5 seconds have passed, it will not react to any changes of this push-button trigger untill you power-cycle the ESP.

I don’t want to inject any kind of power (like the led example) into the two cables that need to be controlled (open/closed on/off).

Is that possible?
If so, how would I go about it code wise with Arduino IDE and what pins would I use? ADC?

My head is spinning so any help or pointers would be inmensly appreciated!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I do not think ADC is necessary here. You can do this task using the digitalRead() function.