Help needed. Use of MEMS microphone

Hello everyone!
I’m a completely noob, so don’t be mad at me. %)
I want to make a simple audio recorder with Seeeduino XIAO and MEMS-mic (with PWM-output). I’ve tried Arduino IDE and CircuitPython, but did not find ways to output continuous high frequency reference signal. My approach was to use SPI bus, but it generates only short bursts of reference meander. It might work with other devices, but mice does not even start to transmit something.
I also tried to find some info about outputting internal clock signal to pins, but it was for other boards and extremely difficult to grasp…
I would be very appreciated if someone could at least show me the way of solving my problem.

Check out audiobusio.PDMIn. I’m not sure it’s available on the XIAO but it sounds like the type of microphone you have.

It was the first thing I’ve checked. Unfortunately XIAO is not supported by this module. :frowning: