Help needed to understand Seeeduino Stalker 2.2 schematic


Further to my earlier post (not answered yet :frowning: ) I have a related, and hopefully easier question that someone might be able to respond to.

I’m trying to figure out how the onboard XBee socket is wired/connected with the CPU. I’ve looked at the published schematic ( and although I recognise the XBee pinout’s, I can’t see how they relate to the CPU pinouts, i.e. how they are connected.
It’s clear that the Gnd and VCC must be connected since it powers up, and also the CPU serial input/output (UART) are connected to the DOUT and DIN pins because I can send/receive via the XBee. However, I can’t seem to figure this out from the schematic. Take for example, pin 9 on the XBee which I need to set/reset to control its sleep behaviour…how do I know from the schematic which pin its connnected to on the CPU?

So I guess my real question is two-fold…

  1. does the schematic contain the information describing the pin connections between the XBee and the CPU?

  2. and if so, how do I read the schematic to obtain that information?

Any ideas?