Help needed for Rainbowduino 24x8 LED Text Scroller cascaded


I would appreciate some help and maybe team up with others that look for same solution.
I am working on cascading single color led matrices ( each matrix is 24x8 - 192 - single color LED) to make a huge led text scroller for a low budget theater project.

The 24x8 Matrix is connected the same way as the “Rainbowduino Extension Board v0.9b”

Right now I am using the Demo Code from :
There is no I2C or other protocol implemented yet.

QUESTION :slight_smile:
What do you think is the smartest way to make a single color LED “Sign Board” for scrolling text?
Has anyone implemented a text scroller with single color LED and cascading yet?
Anyone interested in helping with this project?



Hi Pal,

I think it’s not wise to use Rainbowduino to control mono-color LEDs, as it’s designed for RGB LEDs. In my own LED-POV project, I use shift-registers instead of use multiple MCUs with I2C communication. Anyway, check my PM first.


Why not create a cascaded 8x8 RGB LED Matrix solution.
You need a Matrix and RainbowDuino for each 8x8 RGB Matrix.
When you use one color you can connect 3 8x8 Matrix to one RainbowDuino.


thanks for the reply. Yes, I am using one rainbowduino connected to 3x 8x8 single color LED matrix. As seen in the pics.
My problem is that I do not know how to modify the examples to support this 24x8 LED matrix when scrolling text. All examples always use a 8x8 RGB matrix.

If anyone can help or provide sample code?