Help needed, bricked DS203 2.81

Hi Guys,

I have a DS203 V2.81, which I managed to brick by trying to load firmware from gabonator.
The device goes to white screen when switched on.
I tried to load the firmware from the RECOVERY281282 from gabobator. I also tried the firmware posted in again no luck. I am using the rs232 upload method, which seems to be working.
The only time I see the device doing anything is when I loaded the firmware image in the RECOVERY281282. After loading this image which seems to be the image of the whole device memory, the device when switched on alternates between a screen displaying the logo and “Programming FBGA” screen white screen.
Looking for ideas to help recover my device.

I flashed the device with the Image from RECOVERY281282 and disabled hardware watchdog.
The device booted with a licence error.
Then I flashed the UNLOCK.HEX code, updated the licence used the DFU to update the sys.bin and the app.bin from RECOVERY281282.
The device now works.