Help me.. question how to put bin file in MCU direct


I’m a robotics engineer and recently developing automobile robot by using your product.

But, Getiing a technical problem ,so, I am able to progressing in developing more.

The problem is that i have a bin file(firmware) and want to put it in other XMOS mcu using by xTAG.

I tried downloading xTIME Composer program but, I think there is no solution that i want to.

In the case of STM32, There is a program , named ST-Link utility whick is used to put bin file in MCU directly.

so, if there is a tool or solution that i want , plz tell me

Thank to read my long requirement, and I barely have a time to develop product until the product release, plz reply ASAP.


Excuse me, which of our products do you use ?

You know how to do that?

MCU product no is XMOS VSM01C GT175202 PH1N94.00

Respeaker is Respeaker Microphone Array v2.0 02/07/2018

Sorry, secondary development is not supported for this product.