Help finding a Wireless Relay Solution for an energy saver

I woulld like to remotely send a signal from an entry point in a house to a fusebox and travel about 20m max sometimes through wall. The signal is just a state to indicate weather a keyfob has been removed or not and currenlty all this is done using a magnet and a reed switch which activates signal to a timer at the fusebox via a thin control wire.

Problem is kinda sick of doing retrofits and installing the control wire from entry point to fusebox and want this done wirelessly so that when user removes key from sensor at door a signal is sent to a wireless relay to start activate the courtesy period timer and in turn talk to the Contactors to switch of AC and lights after about 30 secs (this part already works) from selected circuits in the rental home.

I have looked at several combinations such as

  1. Codec-adaptive Wireless Relay + Keychain ($15)

Could work if I adapt the keychain to my reed switch thus enabling transmit. I could use the relay in Latch Mode I guess but dont want to be transmiting continiously so that I dont drain the Tx battery just to keep the relay closed during the time the client is out . In Fact I want to keep the relay only closed from the time the key is removed to when the key is returned on the fob .

  1. RF Codec-adaptive Link Kit RX/Tx ($10)

not sure if this best option and does not have built in relay. or Tx power supply.

  1. 315Mhz remote relay switch kits - 2 channels ($20)

Looks like a good option but a bit more expensive but only need one relay. looks like has better operating range than option 1) and 2) ?

Anybody out there got any ideas as to which you would recommend ?

Thank you to anyone for your time to reply.


We developed a Pachube ( compatible energy monitor using Arduino and an Energy Meter Shield from Olimex Chile ( … cts_id=600)

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Check a screenshot of the Energy Meter monitoring data … achube.htm

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