Help and Cutouts?


I’m almost ready to make a order but have some questions:

1- will I get this cutouts for miniPCIe size?


2 - how can I get this miniPCIe contacts gold-plated?

3 - Any one from your employee can help me prepare right Gerber files from Eagle board file with your requirements?

4 - my board is 50.96mm by 32.01mm I guess I need to place order for 5cm by 10cm or maybe 5cm by 5cm will work?

5 - what is you time for work to USA?



  1. yes, we can help you on the cutouts. As long as your the outline of your board in gerber shows these cutouts. can choose ENIG for your Surface Finish.
    3.we may not help you prepare the correct gerber. but we will help you check the gerber before the production and will get back to you once the gerber has problem.
  2. if the board is 50.96mm 32.01mm, please choose 5cm10cm
  3. normally it takes 6 days to finish the production and 3-4 days to ship to USA by DHL