Helium connectivity using WIO terminal Grove-E5 and light sensor Help!

I followed the K1100-Light-Sensor-Grove-LoRa-E5 project to verify if my senseCAP M1 is working. I have the WIO terminal successfully sending message to the Helium network but it is not using my hotspot. The senseCAP app shows my hotspot is online. When I did a search using the Helium console, I could not find my hotspot. Why it is not showing in the Helium console search?
Also during the setup of the connection to the Helium network, I added the script to process the data send from WIO. I created the flow to connect the WIO terminal to the function (script) as documented but when I checked the flow, there is no flow showing for the device. The connection from the device to the function has dotted line instead of a solid line. Not sure how to make it a solid line.