Heart Rate/Pulse Sensor


I have a few questions regarding the Heart Rate sensors (finger and/or ear):

Do any of the Grove Heart Rate Sensors allow me to measure individual Pulses? For Example by giving me access to the raw data?

And if not, how long does the sensor need to provide the actual heartrate, especially if it is given fom one user to the next?

Does it detect wether someone is putting teir finger on it or is the pause between different users measured as a very very long pause in heartbeats, bringing down the heart rate value?

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Hello, which product is it, can you tell me its SKU or link?


I am talking about these products:

What I need would ideally be the raw data or each seperate pulse. But I could also work with only the calculated Heartrate, if it does not need more than a few seconds to output a reasonably accurate prediction after switching users (so it should be able to detect that someone stopped using the device and use the time between the first two pulses of the next user to predict his heartrate).

This product will directly give you the data information of your heart rate. The content of conversion should be done inside the sensor. Maybe you have no way to get the original data.
And as for this product:

From its wiki, you can see that there is a more detailed data processing process. Perhaps you can change the content of the algorithm to obtain the data information you want.

I have since ordered the Ear-clip Hear Rate Sensor. The example provided in the wiki is not working and there seems to be no documentation of the sensor. Just reading the value at the digital pin always returns 0 and without documentation it is impossible for me to figure out why the example-code is not working or what code would provide me with the raw sensor value. I am very disappointed.

The content of the sensor is provided in the resource item of the wiki:

But it’s weird that you mentioned that the code in the example is not available?

Sadly, the code example in the pdf you linked to does not work either. In both cases the interrupts do not get triggered. If I just print the sensor value with digitalRead() while the sensor is attached to my ear or finger, i only get 0.00 values. So it would make sense, that the RISING interrupt does not get triggered.

Does this appear to be a problem with the product? Maybe you can directly contact the technical support mailbox to get a solution for the replacement.

I have 2 sensors, 2 arduinos and 2 grove shields. It does not matter which combination of parts I use, none of them work as they should according to the wiki. I will contact the technical support, but it seems highly unlikely, that I recieved multiple damaged parts (or at least it should be highly unlikely).

I can only get very little information from your description, maybe you can tell me the steps of your work and attach a few pictures to help me figure out why.

I figured it out now. The Nano-Shield is not compatible with the Nano 33 Series of Arduinos. I found another post in the forum detailing the problem and the solution. It would have been helpful if this had been stated in the product descrition of the nano shield.