HDMI Display issue

I have the following setup:
Odyssey x86 4125
32gb Emmc with preinstalled windows
256gb Samsung evo ssd with Ubuntu 20
10 inch ips panel 1024x768 by Pimoroni
Powered by dell usbc power bank

It is a dual boot configuration, by default it starts Ubuntu, but there is a menu at startup where I can choose windows.

Before hooking up the 10 inch panel, I was using a regular Samsung monitor and everything worked fine.
But now, it doesn’t display the boot menu, or the bios setup if I press DEL at startup, as if that mode is not compatible with the 10 inch panel. If I let it boot to Ubuntu, it will display properly.

Is there anything I can try to solve this issue?


Still having this issue…
If I hook a Samsung hdmi monitor it shows the Bios screen, If I hook a 10 inch portable hdmi monitor, it doesn’t show anything until it boots into the OS (windows or Ubuntu, doesn’t matter).
Is no one else having this issue?
Is there anything I could try, a bios setting, or bios update? Anything…

Managed to solve this issue, for anyone experiencing this: in bios, csm options, set video to legacy:

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