Have the re_computer case with odyssey X86J4105864, need wifi pigtails

I have been trying to find wifi pigtails with the correct plugs for the odyssey X86J4105864 to mount into the re_computer case. I ordered a u.fl/mh4 kit from amazon and the connectors are too large. any ideas where or what pigtail kits I need. Thanks

Re_computer Case should give this away by default.

You need to buy M.2/NGFF type U.FL. M.2/NGFF is from the fact these smaller sized U.FL. connectors are mainly used in M.2 (aka NGFF) cards. Where older larger U.FL. were mainly used in mPCIe cards.

Though not described in any of the literature or printed information on the re computer case, I see 4 plugs along the side of the case that I assume can be removed to allow the mounting of external antennae. Is this true and are these standard to allow a fit for most antennae?

I do not yet have the case in hand, so I apologize if the answer is obvious. I would like to purchase the necessary hardware before I get the case delivered.


Actually, I just answered my own question while seeing the case displayed in the Odyssey add on the Seeed web page. It is shown as you scroll down farther with the two antennae mounted.