Have I got a fake DSO Nano ?

Hi I bought what I thought was a DSO nano but got a DS201 unit and it looks like it is not the same - to start with there is no signal generator ? Should there be one ?

My model has white buttons and is made by mini dso - this is a website in Chinese and there I can’t do anything. The manual is idiotic and directs me to that website.

When turn it on I get some ‘reference’ magenta permanent waveform that keeps coming back. I connected the probes to a DC powersupply - hoping to measure how noisy it is - whatever I do I can not get a meaningful waveform to show.

When I turn it on it says version 4.21 - should I change it - none of the links I found for upgrade work - where is the correct one ?

Is there a way to even try if it works at all ?


Hi there well if you have I have too, mine is the same, to get rid of the stupid purple waveform look at top of screen, where it says data, press minus key and highlight EX, press left key until it says OFF at top, then hold the top white button in and you will see save setting, press same top right key again just once to save settings, switch off and on, horrible wave form gone…I tried to update my firmware with benf 3.62 think it is, dfuse program refuse to see the nano on computer, so came to a halt, the other way is to get the 2 hex files and drag them into the nano, I ended up with a white screen and nano wouldn’t work at all after that, it took 2 days to find the original file which consists of 1 hex file, and loaded it back in, now I am back to square 1, works as it did originally…there you go, works ok i’m happy with it…in case you need it the original software file is on this site, called 201v4_21.zip lots of U tube clips on the Nano, there is a signal sorse on there, it’s next to the on/off switch, right on the right hand top corner, little piece of metal in slot in corner, clip probe onto that, you can try to upgrade firmware, try dfuse program and Benf programs, or try copying hex files, all on u tube clips, to connect Nano to computer, connect lead to usb on PC and Nano, hold the minus key in when turning unit on good luck Fred,

Gees I wish your answer had come before I sent the bloody thing back… had I found the generator source I probably would have kept it :frowning:

So now I will buy another one - just that I do not want to get into that time wasting cycle again chasing Youtube videos that point to non existent links and Chinese websites. Why can’t they publish the correct update software on an English website for their customers to download, it is such a sad experience spending hours just to make what you just bought work

And that ‘latent’ signal generator ? There was nothing in the manual to even say that it is there ? I guess my grandchildren will be speaking Chinese and will have no problem with this one day but me, I find it really frustrating

Any recommendations for another model perhaps ?

Where do I find the 201v4_21.zip?