Have an Example for Grove Bee Socket?

Hi guys:

Do you have, or can you post a simple example for the Grove Bee Socket? Anything will do, I just want an example for the setup and communications over the Bee Socket. If you can post an example for the GPS Bee that would be even better, but anything would do to get me started. Thank you very much.


The example for GPS Bee is available in the following wiki link.

Thanks and Regards

Thanks, but I was after a sketch, or at the very least, where do I plug in the Grove Bee socket (Digital, Analog, I2C, UaRT, etc)? And do use straight serial or software serial, etc?

I am well versed with the Grove GPS module, and if I can get a handle on the Grove Bee socket with the GPS Bee I can load the NMEA into an object and parse with TinyGPS++

I just need to know how to access the GPS Bee on the Grove Bee Socket. Thanks again.