Has there been any review of the Rephone Kit Create?

I have backed up the Rephone on Kickstarter and I’m waiting on the Rephone to ship (could not get one of the early bird ones). Does anybody know if there has been a review of the Rephone Kit Create? Either on a website, on Youtube or something along those lines.

There should be. I got my kit today and I’m seriously unhappy. Very disappointing product so far:(

Why? Tell us what the problem is so I can look out for the problems. :open_mouth:

I have received it also.

Packaging is nice and everything is included.

Documentation at first sight seem to be ok until you start assembling everything.
Orientation of the speaker is very important(indentation away from the display), otherwise you get a black screen and it doesn’t boot.
Once speaker has the right orientation, the os starts without an issue.
It is usable but a bit limited.

When I tried to use the expansion modules things started go wrong a bit more.
Up to now I haven’t been able to get them working.( there goes the plug an play principle)

A getting started guide would be use full.
There is documentation just not very usable.
Most of the things you can find out through the provided libraries for arduino.

At this moment not really happy with it.

Hi, boone.daniel
You have met some problems when you used the extension board? Could you please tell us what problem have you met?

Hi greg10,

thank you for the feedback, it would be appreciated if you could tell us which parts goes wrong, any of your feedback would help us improving it.

Thank you very much!
Chao Zhang

Hi boone.daniel,

Thank you for your feedback, could you please give us more info about the problematic add-on module you’ve mentioned?
Your feedback could be really helpful for us to improve the modules in the later development.

Thank you.

Well I got a bit further now and got the modules working.
The problem is with the flatcables.
I had to insert the flatcables with pliers to make a decent contact.
I tried different flatcables but not every flatcable is the same.
The white stripe on the cable does not always goes right up to the connector.
This makes it quite difficult to know when the cable seated correctly

I received my RePhone Kit Create from Gearbest. Here is the review:

The video is here: