Has the XIAO ESP32C3 module obtained KC certification

Our company, based in South Korea, is in the process of developing automotive connected keys utilizing BLE technology. We are considering using your XIAO ESP32C3 module for our project. We are eager to find out whether the XIAO ESP32C3 has passed the electromagnetic compatibility assessment or received KC certification in South Korea. If the product has not yet obtained KC certification in Korea, we would like to inquire if it is possible to obtain the following test reports or certificates:

  • Antenna circuit diagram
  • Frequency tolerance
  • Antenna power or electric field strength
  • Spurious emission strength
  • Occupied bandwidth
  • Electromagnetic interference (EMI) test results

We appreciate your assistance and look forward to your prompt response.

Hi, currently XIAO ESP32C3 has not done KC certification. I don’t know if my colleague has given you the test report you need, if not, please private message me your email and I can send you the material.