Harness + Arduino Duemilanove?

hey guys

i ordered the seeed harness and after assembling it, i couldn’t find a way to connect it to my arduino

how can i do it?

You may use the rivet to fasten the Arduino on to the acrylic board. :slight_smile:

already did that :smiley:

but im talking about connecting the 9v battery clip

I’m pretty sure that’s because the 9V clip is designed for the seeeduino with it’s 2 pin connector. You could hack on a barrel connector for the standard adaptor plug on the Duemilanove or you can also use the Vin and GND input on the power header of the Duemilanove

hmmm the title said “Harness for Arduino/Seeeduino kit” so i didnt look at the pictures too close.

guess you’re right and i have to do the adaptor thing