Hardware-Serial available?


I want to connect a GPS to rx/tx and need to use a SoftwareSerial so far for it. HardwareSerial would be faster, but is there one that’s available for the XIAO nrf52840?
Is UART the thing I’m looking for? So it would be TX = D6, RX = D7?


actually what I want to do is to use a PA6C on an Arduino, so far I have no problem when I read the serial-port “manually” but the Adafruit GPS_HardwareSerial_Parsing / GPS_SoftwareSerial_Parsing - examples do not connect, even though my homebuilt-script works perfectly fine… but decoding the NMEA-string would be nicely done with the Adafruit-lib

Yes, It’s “Serial1.print” I believe.
GL :slight_smile:

“Adafruit GPS_HardwareSerial_Parsing” will work if connected as follows
GPS:RX <----> D6
GPS:TX <----> D7

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you are right, I don’t know what I did wrong in the first place, but it’s working now!

Now it’s getting weird.

I have a Sharp-Memory-Display connected to SPI:

#define SHARP_SCK  8 //display serial clock
#define SHARP_MOSI 10 //display master out slave in
#define SHARP_SS   4 //display clock select

which runs perfect, but when I try to initialize the GPS on Serial1, the display stays blank:

#define GPSSerial Serial1
Adafruit_GPS GPS(&GPSSerial);

I just validated this by changing the order in my code (I had the GPS.begin() first, and display.begin() second - the moment GPS.begin() is called, my display stops updating immediately…

Please tell me about all the pin connections between the display and XIAO, using the pin name Dx notation.
GPS connections are GPS.RX<---->D6 and GPS.TX<---->D7, right?

In my environment, either GPS.begin() or display.begin() ran first and it worked fine. What differs from yours is that, the display unit is SSD1306 (SPI).

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I think that answers all of it :smiley:

Adafruit_SharpMem display(&SPI, D7, SCREEN_WIDTH, SCREEN_HEIGHT, 8000000);

Trying to convert the notation from x to Dx for the ports now, don’t even know where I found this notation, on the pinout I only see them labeled as Dx…

Edit: Ok, just saw that the pin-definitions must be a leftover from earlier and are not even needed at all using &SPI in the constructor!