Hardware Problems

I’m having a big problem with my X86J4105. I just installed an OS on it last night. I was having some problems with random crashes, freezes, and checksumming errors so I decided to run a memtest. I am getting a lot of errors.

I think the board is bad, and I’m at a loss at what to do.

I am having the same issues. I contacted support both on Seeed’s site and their Amazon store. Will let you know if I get an answer.

@Mike1 @bat_mite Sorry to trouble you. Just contact the support where you buy from. Let me know if you have any problem.

I bought directly from Seeed. I am confused on where to get support. The website says go here but also references orders@seeed.cc, support@seeed.cc, and techsupport@seeed.cc. I have emailed all three and waiting a response. There isn’t a phone number to call.

P.S. my order number ends in 5098. Thanks

Ok, let me check what happed.

I have received a response that my email is being escalated.

I got a response that the unit is defective so I will have to return it, I guess.

Ya same here. They said they would repair it. I’m not super thrilled about that because it may take a long time. This is brand new. I should just get a new replacement.
A friend of mine had a problem with a new Lenovo. It was also brand new and sent back for repair. Long story short it couldn’t get repaired properly and a lot of time was wasted.