Hardware problem with Seeed studio Wiznet Ethernet shield

Today i received my Wiznet Ethernet shield and i have mounted it on my seeeduino then i link it to the pc by the miniusb cable , and link the shield to my ethernet router with the ethernet cable.
But when i do that nothing happen , the link led on the shield don’t turn on and neither the one on the router.
On the shield become on only two leds , the pwr led and the rst led .
Then i try to check with the tester if all the contact on the ethernet female connector are connected to the pins on the bottom side of the pcb and only one is connected (with the diode configuration the tester bips only on that pin).
What can i do now?
am i doing something wrong?

Thanks for the aswer .


Sorry to say i don’t have a solution, but i have the same problem…

Same two lights are lighting up…

When i measure voltages across voltage regulator, i don’t know which pins should deliver 3,3V but none of them does?
Maybe this is the problem?

Please someone of seeedstudio respond; i have ordered 4 of them last week, and will test the other 3 next days…



Just looked some better at the regulator, and it says (AMS 1117 5,0 0938).
It looks to me like this is a 5V regulator, instead of a 3,3 V?

Did i know burn the wiznet chip?

Please help!

We are sorry, the POWER regulator is incorrect.
it should be AMS1117-3.3-sot223, but now it is AMS1117-5.0-sot223.
Wiznet chip should work at 3.3v and now it is a 5v regulator.
Please do not test your other 3 Ethernet Shield.
We will give you guys response soon.
Very apologize

Hello, i ordered them by DHL cause i needed them yhis week… I really hope you are able to send us working ones this week?

Regards, douwe

Thank you for addressing the mistake of AMS 1117-5, we will send you replacement as soon as possible. Please ship back the failed units by air mail:

#0728, Bld 5, Dong Hua Yuan,
NanHai Ave. NanShan dist.
Shenzhen 518054 China
Seeed Studio
+86 755 26407752

Or we could send you AMS1117-3.3 if you could fix in field.
Sorry for the inconvenience brought! You will have our full support.