Hardware changes 2.2 -> 2.6?

Hello everybody,

first of all I’m sorry in case this question was already asked but I didn’t find it.
I would like to know, what are the major changes between hardware version 2.2 and 2.6. I’m interessted in buying the DSO Quad. For simplicity reasons I would like to buy it in Germany (I hate caring about importing VAT or duty fees). I’ve found a seller on ebay, shipping from Germany, but at first glance it seems to me, that he offers version 2.2.

Or perhaps this is an even better question: Has anybody got experience in importing the DSO to Germany?

Thank you in advance!

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This is German agents and dealers for DSO.
exp-tech.de/product_info.php … scope.html

Directly from our German agent to buy DSO.
Company Name: ELMICRO Computer GmbH & Co. KG
Contact: Oliver
E-mail: leipzig@elmicro.com
Phone: +49-341-9104810
They bought a number of early, it is estimated not sold out.