Hard drive is almost full for 110061363

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The customer purchased 110061363 reComputer J2011-Edge AI Device with Jetson Xavier NX.

But Hard drive is nearly Full.

There is only 15.1MB disk space left.

The questions are,

  1. Is it normal? How to solve the problem?
  2. If not, Can you let us know how to restore or uninstall?
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Hello, Takashi69! For this problem is normal, due to the need to re-burn the NVIDIA system, so the downloaded installation package will take up most of the memory, and this situation occurs; Solution is to change the system position to expand capacity, the ways I’ve been writing under Seeed wiki,i hope my suggestion can help you!
: The remaining space in the eMMC in the received reComputer is only about 2GB, how to solve the problem of insufficient space? | Seeed Studio Wiki

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I will forward to the customer.

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