Handling with Apps ?

Can i choose the Slot for the Apps? I want to install the GCC-App in Slot1 and the original App P1.00 in Slot 2. And other Apps in Slot 3 and 4. I have read (Posts from Pedro), that the Slot is defined by the Code of the App. Is it possible to change that simple? (with Hex editor ?)

And Second: I’m searching for App, that scrolls like this. But with up to 30 seconds per öhm… “square” (for 1 Second per Pixel, a Square=30x30 Pixel)
And a App with a good X_Y function tester.

Sorry for my bad english. :confused:

Unfortunately all versions of main app take 2 slots. There is binary named something like APP3_P100 floating around, which is P1.00 that installs into slots 3 & 4.

So you can have GCC app in 1 & 2 and P1.00 in 3 & 4, but there won’t be any space left for other applications.