hacking the nano into useful automotive tools

i breadboarded an infered driver on the signal generator you can drive ignition coils/fuel injectors/pwm’s ect, this broadens the horizon and practical use of the scope! do have a question here on ir led choice–> is 4miliAmp load too much for the signal generator output, it appears to be a good balance, with 20 minute test with a fuel injector through various frequencys and dutycycles its held up great, another neat thing about this is you can dial in frequency and dial either duty or pulsewidth because when you change the signal generator duty you can veiw the pulsewidth change with the pulse width measurement pinned to the upper right corner… i’ll post some pictures later (the main parts are from radioshack to make this build work)

Nano version 1.3 uses a SPS3232 chip for the gen output. It has continuous short circuit protection and can provide 35ma, so it can’t be damaged by your IR-LED circuit.

Nano version 2 uses a 74hc125 chip for the gen output. It has max current output of +/- 35ma also, but it has no short circuit protection so be careful not to short this signal to ground. Some have already damaged this chip in the V2 by connecting the input probe ground to the gen output signal pin.

You should probably increase the IR-LED current to 6ma or 8ma so that you have some overhead to allow for decreasing Nano battery voltage.

This project is very imaginative and sounds very useful. The testing of parts that require dynamic signals has always been an automotive repair concern, and you have a very good approach to the solution. Looking forward to seeing your results documented.

here is a video link showing nano simulator running primary of ignition coil http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuXagL1q4Ic here is the basic diagram with out the final drive tranistor http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10367218/high%20current%20nano%20transitor%20driver.jpg
high current nano transitor driver.jpg

Yea …nice Job Brandon…I built one of these [Brandon Designed builds]that drives fuel injectors and it works great…BTW it sure would be nice if Ben F could add an option to the signal generator to lock pulsewidth while changing frequency to make the pulsewidth or dutycycle adjustable… :smiley:



heres the final diagrams, still have to add pictures
get pulsewidth reading without turning on component.jpg

Your opti driver diagram does not appear to match your injector diagram. You must have altered your kill switch design for the injectors. A fix is in order here to show both the injector connections and ignition coil connections on the opti diagram. It would be good to use a representative symbol for each (injector and primary coil circuit) and include all connections for these two devices. You could also add a test point for setting up the PWM settings on the Nano. :slight_smile:

your not looking at it right, the switch on the injector powersupply is to get a pulsewidth reading without turning injectors on, watch my flowbench videos and you’ll see how this works… the opti module is a grounding device–> you hook ign/inj/pwm up to where it says hook ignition coil here, then if you want 420v kickback both switches are off, if you want 68v kickback for injectors turn that switch on, if you want to run a transmission solenoid,egr valve in pwm mode turn the last switch on to make the current float, these options drive the component like it is driven in the car… first scope out how the engine controller drive signals, then use the nano to create the drive output that matched what the ecm was doing…if you dont want to use the resistor switch to set up before testing you could use an inverting schmitt trigger to invert base before the 100 ohm resistor to determine this, that would be an effective way of doing it thats not paracitic to the circuit… do you want me to draw that up?

I was just pointing out the most important thing I learned in a college technical writing course, “when there is any possibility of confusion, then rewrite to prevent that confusion”. I can’t nor do I want to tell you what to do, I was just passing on some unsolicited advice to make the drawing more understandable. What you do with that unsolicited advice is your choice.

Thanks for sharing.

This idea is particularly creative in that it uses the Nano not only for measurements, but also as a signal generator to drive injectors. I’m sure others will be inspired by your post.

Certainly, this could be an option to consider for an upgrade.

ok guys over 400 veiws and only 3 member comments- whats up with that, give me some feedback, also if anyone has questions on any of this stuff i’ll answer it get part links or what ever, this works very well for what it does thanks to benf’s awsome version 3.61… remember you can make presets for the signal generator then if you want to spark a coil or run injectors on bench all you have to do is go through your named presets like in attachements(zipped folder)
nano-flow setups.ace (2.1 KB)

best to run current control driver. Simple transistor switch could do more damage than good.

They took DSO Nano v2, added a $50 Capacitive probe, wrote the custom firmware, called it “uSCOPE” and available for $299. http://www.aeswave.com/products/Product.asp?i=1099

I want to know if anyone ran across this firmware?

the UScope is nice because he shows the scale on the right.
Otherwise the firmware BENF done as well, we can display its own examples.
I found here a simplified firmware for the car minidso.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=18
Another here in Spanish lordblacksuca.net/dso-nano-2 … blacksuca/
Some automotive video
youtube.com/watch?v=I4Vb4IfU … el&list=UL
youtube.com/watch?v=SWVV-27u … LN7uP0Qmq4
youtube.com/watch?v=87FMltnJ … re=related
youtube.com/watch?v=IqvMtI4j … ure=relmfu

It sure is a nice mode to have to quickly change v/d and t/d with buttons like in uScope firmware. I would like this mode by default.
Seen Here by pressing “A” button

There is also one function that I can’t find in Benf is “Invert” but you can use Excel to do that as you can see in this video. Good watch before touching ignition.

Found this probe but have not tried it
ebay.com/itm/New-8-Secondary … 4aabd4c4aa
Ok priced.