H68K UART Debug


does anybody have idea how to connect to the device via UART? I don’t see any UART pins on the boards, but this image from the product website mentions UART DEBUG function is available via the USB-C port on the front panel, but i have no idea how to enable/use it.
I have tried to connect the H68K box via USB-C to USB-A cable using the USB-C port on the H68K and conencting it to a USB-A port on my computer, but no new serial port got recognized.


It seems an additional “debug board” is needed:

Pic source: HINLINK-H6XK 2023年款 硬件快速开发指南 · Hinlink

I have found a similar board on jd.com (notice the silkscreened board revision is different):

Link : H68K RK3568 开发板 Linux 安卓 5G上网 便携式WIFI路由器 调试板+串口模块+双Type-C线【图片 价格 品牌 报价】-京东

How do i get one like this?

It seems there is an onboard UART port:

Ok, i have received an UART adapter-board from SeedStudio. Not tested yet.