Guidelines for KICAD

Do you have specific DRC rules for KICAD ?


KiCad is very easy, since I’ve used it several times, and you can select the rules as follows:
Clic “Design Rules” -> “Design Rules”.

In the window type your rules, I usually use 8 mil (0.0080) for the tracks and the margin.

Via Dia: 0.0295
Via Drill: 0.0197
You can use smaller sizes.

Either way, if something is wrong they’re going to tell, so do not worry.

I’ve never had problems, and I’m very happy with the service. Good luck!


Fusion requires min linewidth of 6mil and a min spacing of 6 mil. However, if you adhere to designrules that are stricter, for example, 8, 10, or even 12, then the chances of a bad board are much smaller.

Before submitting I will always run a DRC against 12mil design rules and wherever there is enough room, I’ll fix the problems it points out to me. Next I’ll run a 10mil design rule check. This should only fail around the 0.5mm pitch chips. And then I’ll run the actual 6mil fusion DRC to make sure that I didn’t accidentally miss a real problem.

I’ve had one board with an unexpected connection. (which was not marked as electrically tested).