GSR with Raspberry Pi

Hello everyone,

were trying to do something something for university.
Anyways, we have bought a Raspberry along with the Seedstudio GrovePi and the GSR Module (

I have managed to get the Pi running and the Grove seems to be recognized, too - at least the Raspberry Pi did find it. Now, I plugged the GSR module into Analog 2 and wrote a tiny bit of code which I hoped would spit out the raw measurements from the GSR, but it does not. It just spits out some values which never really change and which are printed no matter what I enter as the pin number.

Heres the code I assembled:

[code]import time
import grovepi

sensor = 3938373

while True:
value = grovepi.analogRead(sensor)
print "Measured value is ",value

except IOError:
    print "Error"[/code]

Anyone any kind of pointer for me where I might go wrong or where I might look for an answer? I couldnt seem to find any kind of tutorial apart from the one with the Arduino code on the linked page which I tried to copy as closely as possible. Thank you in advance!

So, the number in the code is just any given number. Whether I put 867897612 or 0 does absolutely not change anything about the output.