GSM Signal strength


How can i get gsm signal strength ? … info_t.gsp

And you get the struct by VM_RESULT vm_gsm_cell_get_current_cell_info(vm_gsm_cell_info_t* cell_info);

Ok and how can i use it in Arduino ?

First of all i´m not a great coder at all (coding 6 month now, mainly java) but i think you have to write your own library. I´m working on it, but progress is slow. At the moment i can see how many neighbor cells i´m connected to, but if i call vm_gsm_cell_info_t i get only zeros for rxlev, bsic,… Because my library looks a bit messy, i will clean it up and upload, so that maybe someone call help us.
sry for my english

Well, I just use the main SDK, I don’t really like the Arduino-style programming.

May be you can refer to the existing lib like this: …\Arduino_IDE_for_RePhone\hardware\arduino\mtk\libraries\LCheckSIM