GSM scale with linkit one

Dear All,

First of all will like to thank you for reading my post.
We do have a straight forward project: Create a digital scale with a pressure load cell,
sent the data via sms to the user.
Our problem/issue is the power consumption, we want to have the scale running on batteries
(AA,AAA etch), for several months. To do show we have to set the board in sleep mode, and wake it up with a
RTC on specific hour/hours of the day each day.
Please let me know if it can be done and what do you think will be the lowest power consumption that we can have with linkit one board under sleep mode and a ruff estimation on how long 3 AA batteries will last.
We also want the user to be able to control the scale using AT commands.
Waiting for your help



Please consider the following things for low power battery operated system design :

1.Standby Current of the system
2.Average active power consumption of LinitOne board and other sensors connected to it.
3.Software algorithms used
4.Efficient use of peripherals

Enviromental conditions can also affect the power consumption of active components in a system. Rather than estimating, please measure the power consumption for different scenarios.



Thanks for your reply. It will be then more power efficient if only a RTC is working?
We want power consumption down to 700-900 nA.