GSM & GPS Antenna Replacement Question

Im planing to put the Core Module and the GPS in a enclosed housing, the problem being that they have neither GSM nor GPS connection in there.
So my first question is, for what do i need to watch out when replacing the GSM antenna. What connector does it use? Is it MHF-4 or MHF-3 or something completely different? Can i just use a generic GSM antenna from Ebay with the right connector?

And now for GPS, how do i add an external GPS antenna? Maybe de-solder the Chip-antenna and re-attach it with a coax cable in between? Or get a GPS antenna of Ebay or something?

I would really appreciate some help.


Hi, philipp.fruh
The antenna connector on board is MHF III, you can search for some GSM antenna on ebay which connector is matched.
About the GPS antenna, I don’t recommend to disolder the chip-antenna, cause it is not designed for external antenna. Maybe you can try a antenna amplifier :smiley:

Thank you, the information was very usefull. How do you mean gps amplifier? The problem is, it must fit inside the frame of a bicycle.

So, the GPS should be surrounded by metal?? If it just surrounded by plastic, i think it’s just ok. if you insist on replacing the GPS antenna, you can just have a try and have a look the effect :smiley:
May be you can try something like this? … p-564.html