GrovePi0 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Pro with Arduino Not Working

My name is Luke, and I am trying to get the temperature and humidity sensor pro working on my raspberry pi, via the GrovePi0. I used the guide found here under the section titled “Play With Raspberry Pi (with GrovePi_Plus)”. I modified the value of blue to white since we’re using a pro and not the regular model, and changed the port value from 4 to 3. However, when I run the python script, it starts, and then outputs no values. I can’t find this error anywhere else online, so maybe you guys can help.

import grovepi
import math

Connect the Grove Temperature & Humidity Sensor Pro to digital port D4

This example uses the blue colored sensor.


sensor = 3 # The Sensor goes on digital port 4.


Grove Base Kit comes with the blue sensor.

blue = 0 # The Blue colored sensor.
white = 1 # The White colored sensor.

while True:
# This example uses the blue colored sensor.
# The first parameter is the port, the second parameter is the type of sensor.
[temp,humidity] = grovepi.dht(sensor,white)
if math.isnan(temp) == False and math.isnan(humidity) == False:
print(“temp = %.02f C humidity =%.02f%%”%(temp, humidity))

except IOError:
    print ("Error")


To make sure there is no other problem, could you pls try the code with no modification?