Grovepi starter for windows 10 iot core based on raspberry pi

hello, i’am working on a project that i need to show temperature and humidity in real time with the grovepi starter kit for windows 10 iot core. I have tried to use the windows 10 master homeweather sample, unfortunately it’s not working

So i have created my own program and i added Grovepi and Driver as a refferences but it still doesn’t work.

I get 2 errors:

The first it tells that DeviceBuilder doesn’t implement the interface ‘IBuildGroveDevices.TemperatureAndHumiditySensor(Pin, object)’


The second error tells that the metadata folder can’t be found

|Erreur|CS0006|‘C:\Users\REALTECH\Desktop\Biotransbank\biotransbank_app\Driver\bin\ARM\Debug\Driver.winmd’ not found|biotransbank_app|C:\Users\REALTECH\Desktop\Biotransbank\biotransbank_app\biotransbank_app\CSC|1|Actif|

how can i solve those problems, i’ve looked for a similar problems in some forums but i didn’t see any relative informartion.

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Hi there, the software team is working on this and we will update the document and forum as soon as we got the final good one. thanks. Sorry for the inconvenience. thanks.

best rgds


I don’t think @papeyorogadiaga’s problem is the one I’m trying to solve

@papeyorogadiaga, the GrovePi official examples all work good, please dig around to know how to run Dexter’s GrovePi C# examples

I can give you a brief, but the rest is the skill set to use Virsual Studio and program C# projects.

  1. download Dexter’s GrovePi github repo:
  2. use Virsual Studio open: Software/CSharp/GrovePi.sln
  3. in the Virsual Studio, File -> Add -> Existing Project, browse to the downloaded GrovePi github repo, Software/CSharp/Samples/Example-Temp_and_Humidity/TempandHumid.csproj
  4. Build the TempandHumid project