GrovePi Plus compatibility with BananaPi and Radxa Boards

are there any people here that use the
GrovePi + ( wiki seeedstudio com/GrovePi_Plus/ )

any known incompatibilities from HW or SW?

pleas let me know what you think or have experienced!

sunny greetings

Here is the schematic of the GrovePi Plus:

Where the GrovePi Plus 26 pin header is connected and interface with the regular 40 pin GPIO header of Raspberry Pi, and the communication interface are I2C and SPI from the ATMEGA328P to the Pi GPIO header through a logic level converter.

So I assume if the GPIO header pinout of BananaPi or Radxa Borads has the same function and layout as Raspberry Pi, this GrovePi Plus should just work, but as we have not test the GrovePi Plus with any other platform other than Raspberry Pi, so cannot make a solid confirmation and statement on GrovePi Plus will support the BananaPi or Radxa Boards.

Feel free to give it a try and please give us some feedback if you willing to.


thanks for your feedback nengyu,

HW wise it should work…
i think the challeng could be software / library support -
but again - spi / I2C are standard - so could also be easy…

if i get to test it i will report back!

first test is done:
Banana pi M2 Berry does not work out of the box.
with some tweaks you can get the rgb_lcd example to work -
at least with the stock os image (ubuntu 16.04) the i2c port is ‘2’.
the / think its a RPI and there its port ‘1’…

as detailed in the issue at github

i did not get the to work.

i also cross-posted this at

if anybody has any insights - please let me know.

sunny greetings