GrovePi+ -GPS- oriantation solution in apartment?


i have not a direct question about a GPS-Sensor, i have a question which sensor i should use.
I am modifying a vacuum cleaner robot. I already got it drive in directions i want etc.

But now I am thinking about how i get it back to the charging station. How can i tell it where the charging station is in the apartment?

Is the solution maybe a gps-sensor? Or is it to inexact and more for the rough use outside (not for an “centimetre exact” position in the apartment?)

Or is it centrimetre exact?

What could be a solution?

I use:
Linux raspberrypi 5.4.51-v7+
grovepi+ head
Motor-Driver: raspberry-i2c-tb6612fng

I am programming with python.

Thanks a lot!

@salman What advice do you have for this customer’s appeal?

Hi @gp_789, You can use GPS and Compass sensor sensor to tell where exactly the charging station is held in the open space , but since it’s installed inside the the apartment, the GPS reception might week, in that case you also need support from LiDAR or something to get more accurate results.

Can you please elaborate more about it?


Thanks a lot for your answers.
I think the GPS ans Compasss sensor would be the solution. As you wrote. I have to navigate the vacuum cleaner to an exact point in the apartment, where the charging station stands. Or is there somethng like an “sender receiver combination” where the sender tells the receiver where it is?

With the “gps-sensor” i thought about something like your solution.


I think, there is nothing like that, but you can find the distance by reading the RSSi value of any radio module sender and receiver.

Thanks a lot for your answers!

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Gald to know that :slightly_smiling_face::+1:.