#Grove10 Year Celebration Event with Award : Which one is your first Grove?

Which one is your first Grove?

#Grove10 Year Celebration Event with Award — “Show your Grove Stories”. Just share a picture/video that could best illustrate the below question and tell us about your story under this thread #Grove10 before Oct 30.

$100 Seeed Lucky Package is waiting for you to win!


Flame sensor from seeedstudio for FIGHT FIRE first prototype

One of my first project with grove is back in 2016, I received the grove IoT kit with Intel edison kit from Hackster as part of ambassadorship training .

The easiness of plug and play and available getting started resource makes seeed grove one of the best rapid prototyping tool available.

Project link: Intel Edison with Grove LCD: Simple LCD Display Project on Intel Edison in Node.js: https://www.hackster.io/Salmanfarisvp/intel-edison-with-grove-lcd-729df8