#Grove10 Year Celebration Event with Award : Which is the most recent Grove you've got?

Which is the most recent Grove you’ve got?

#Grove10 Year Celebration Event with Award — “Show your Grove Stories”. Just share a picture/video that could best illustrate the below question and tell us about your story under this thread #Grove10 before Oct 30.

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My last Grove devices are actually four for my Remote Contactless Temperature Monitor project.

The project takes the temperature and displays it on the Wio Terminal display…

…and remotely on a dashboard.

The key feature of the device is everything is done contactless: the device wakes up when it detects a presence, the camera reads the temperature and the user answers the questions by gestures.


seeeduino lorawan is the recent product that i use. And it was from Cisco thingQbator iiitmk. Initially i face lots of issue in lora communication due to lack of knowledge but finally i fix the issue with the help of @salman

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