#Grove10 Year Celebration Event with Award : Share your grove based project!

Share your grove based project and Win Prizes!

#Grove10 Year Celebration Event with Award — “Show your Grove Stories”. Just share a picture/video that could best illustrate the below question and tell us about your story under this thread #Grove10 before Oct 30.

How to check the temperature with no contact in COVID times?

This project combines PIR detection, thermal camera and hand-gesture recognition for perfect safety.

The Grove system allowed me to build a fully operational prototype very quickly on the hardware and software side.

The project takes the temperature and displays it on the Wio Terminal display…

…and also remotely on a dashboard through WiFi.

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Thank you for sharing!

Here is a costume we made for special event :slight_smile:

There are 2 Wio Terminals, 1 Seeeduino Lotus, 2 Grove LED Stripes, 2 Grove LED Sticks …
The Wio Terminals workings with Blynk. So the colour and mode of the LEDs can be change via Blynk app.

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Fantastic, you are the coolest guy on the street!


FIGHT FIRE is a wildfire prediction device,that will help the firefighting authority to respond quickly to the wildfire. Also the same device can help in various kinds of rescue mission after the ignition of fire.
I use flame sensor, smoke sensor and BME280 from grove for this prototype.

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Portable environment data monitor with Wio Terminal and Grove interface

A really quick project to link a few sensors to Wio Terminal via Grove/I2C interface. The device measures PM2.5 air quality, temperature, humidity, pressure, gas, IR thermal gauge, and motion sensing (accelerometer). I used an old Raspberry Pi case to place all sensors in one package, and velcroed on to the back of the Wio Battery.

Sensors used:

  • BME680 collects temperature, humidity, pressure, and gas in the environment
  • PMSA003I collects particles in air
  • MLX90614 collects infrared thermal data
  • 3-axis accelerometer (Wio Terminal builtin)

I was surprised how useful this device turned out to be. I now know how good/poor the air quality is in my garage office, and I can also tell what temperature I want my cup of coffee to be (I like it around 150F).

Grove has always been just another interface for me, but with Wio Terminal (which is an awesome product by the way!), Grove became the must-use interface. For this project, I had to convert two of three sensor breakout boards to Grove. I then used a Grove I2C hub to connect them all to one I2C port of the Wio Terminal.

The Arduino code is available in GitHub.

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