Grove zero base phat

Is there a diagram with a better pin-out for the Grove zero base hat? I have one on the way but also want to connect other non-grove devices but can’t seem to find anywhere what the analog pins or i2c refer to. (I assume in the latter case, it’s the recommended i2c pins for the pi GPIO)

It doesn’t even seem to say anywhere if the numbers on the digital pins refer to GPIO numbers or pin numbers.

Hi there,

There is a STM32 chip in Base HAT, it communicate with RPi Zero via I2C, so it may be difficult to connect non-Grove devices to it. But you can use RPi’s pins at the same time, please refer RPi’s pin-out.

Besides, RPi don’t has any analog pin. For analog devices, I recommend you to cut a Grove cable and use it to connect your analog devices and RPi.

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