Grove -Xbee Carrier USB issue

I’m attempting to set up the Grove -Xbee Carrier with the WiFi bee

1: I plug the Grove -Xbee Carrier into the USB port on my computer
2: I open the sketch in Arduino
3: I go to Tools --> Board --> Arduino Duemilanove w/ ATmega 328

4: I go to Tools --> Serial Port --> This is where I have a problem!

I want to set it to USB but I only get options for bluetooth. When I plug in an Arduino uno I get the option for USB. The device does show up on my computer so I know it is connecting. It just isn’t showing up in Arduino.



hey , you mean when you plug carrier to the computer ,but no port can be detected? Maybe your carrier need to reinstall the driver.

You can download the drive here, choose VCP or D2XX.

I downloaded this: … 2_2_18.dmg
and that solved the problem.