Grove XBee Carrier - RESET

Product - Grove XBee Carrier

I discovered that the reset button is connected to the D4 pin on the XBee socket not the reset pin.

This schematic: … ematic.png
also shows that the reset is connected to the D4 pin.

Was this on purpose?

I am assuming that the reset button is used to resets the radio.

hi~ Actually, it’s a user button instead of a rst button! yes, sometime it cause some misunderstanding. When I first use it, I have the same problem!

one more thing~ do you really think there should be a rst button? If so, maybe we can change it in the next version.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes I do think there should be a reset button, at least in certain cases any way.

Here is my argument for a reset button. When configured in cyclic sleep mode the radio could be off for mins hrs days etc. If you program it and make a mistake it is hard to get back in touch with the device if it is asleep, especially if you have to wait for an hour for it to wake back up. The easiest way I have found is to press the reset button. Once it is reset the device is awake and able to received data at least until it goes asleep anyway. Just after a reset there is a predictable window to get commands to it.

Thanks again.

ok~ we’ll think about it! thanks for your advice~ :smiley:

I have used the xBee carrier with the solar panel and battery for several weeks and have made a couple observations. First the led for TX and RX are on even thought the USB cable is not connected. Current from the battery with the radio sleeping is about 3.3mA in this state.

If I plug in a usb cable (connected to a computer or power source) for a second or two then unplug it the TX and RX lights go out and the current from the battery drops to 1.2mA. This is a significant drop. Within a few minutes after the USB is unplugged the TX and RX lights usually come back on.

I looked at the schematic and think that if you were to use the 3V3OUT of the FT232R to power the TX RX led this issues would go away. I don’t see any reason not to use the 3V3OUT of the FT232R to supply the VCCIO pin either. When the USB was unplugged no power would be applied to any part of the FT232R.

The power light is always on when the device is operating. Perhaps a jumper could be installed.

Just some thoughts.

this button really confusing sometimes. :confused: