Grove with Scratch


I’m an elementary school teacher and bought 8 Arduino/Grove Starter Kits to use in my class.
I love the device and its components, but I hoped to use them in a visual environment that’s easy for kids.
I saw pictures of people using ScratchX and S4A with Grove, but I can’t achieve it myself.
The pins in S4A are incorrect for Grove and ScratchX won’t do anything, however the ‘green light’ in ScratchX is on.

Is there a solution or an alternative way to use Grove?
I’d love to start with my pupils, but I can’t make them write code in Arduino IDE, way too complicated.

I tried Ardublock which isn’t as interesting as Scratch, but is a big step forward and worked at least. Too bad not all the Grove components are available, can I find them somewhere?

So, if anyone can tell me how to let Grove work with Scratch or what a great alternative could be, I’d be a very happy man. :smiley:

Thanks a lot!

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hello, I have the same problem. could you help me ?