Grove - Water Level Sensor ATtiny1616 code

I’ve been looking into the project file of the sensor and I can’t find the firmware for ATtiny1616. Any chance this is also opensoirce or is it propriatary?

Hi @TranceCat:
Sorry, this code only supports Seeeduino or Arduino series, for now, and ATtinycore maybe can help you.

Hi Hansen,
Probably I’ve formulated my question incorrectly. I meant the code that is inside the IC of Grove - Water Level Sensor. I was just wondering if it’s possible to tune the level sensing.

Hi @TranceCat:
Sorry, we have no plan to do this thing for now.

Hi, is it possible to get the source code for the 2 Attiny1615 IC’s that are on the water level sensor board itself?

*1616 IC’s I meant. fat fingered it