I recently bought the GROVE - WATER ATOMIZATION V1.0. Its a good thing theres a full documentation on the wiki side, including schematic. (wiki. seeedstudio. com/Grove-Water_Atomization/)

Unfortunately, I cant find the name of the atomizer. I see on the back “4d6c6”. I can find those things on Aliexpress, without a name, but I need an distributor like Digikey or Mouser.

I can find other Ultrasonic Bender like this one (digikey. de/product-detail/de/pui-audio-inc/UB161M7/668-1544-ND/6071956) But because im unsure about the functionality and the rare data sheet informations Im very confused about this.

So I hope Im not too blind for the moment, so excuse me when this is a obviously problem.

Thank you in advance and kind regards

edit: Cause of Anti Spam measures i must unlinked the links.

Hi there,

We get this customized product from local supplier. Rated voltage is 250v and currrent is 0.3a. Insulation resistance is 10Mohm. On-resistance is less than 3ohm. thanks.

Thank you for this information and kind regards!