Grove Vision AI V2 issues with SenseCraft AI

Just got my Grove Vision AI V2 module today. I plugged in a Raspberry pi camera, and with the module plugged in to my computer I can flash a model from the SenseCraft AI page, but whenever I try and invoke it, I get “Invoke failed, please check device connection”.

I’m running Xubuntu 20.04 LTS with the latest Chrome browser.

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Do you mind , What model?
Face or person recognition?
I believe it is a memory issue. Try setting the tensor arena size to a greater byte value.
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I tried a couple of the people-detecting models on the SenseCraft AI site. I tried the “Swift-YOLO Nano Power By SSCMA” first, and then the “YOLOV8 By Ultralytics” person-detection model.

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This is what I see:

Not sure why it thinks it needs a wifi connection - I don’t have a XIAO chip installed. And I have no idea how to “Try setting the tensor arena size to a greater byte value.”

Under the configuration? or the bottom corner slider?
SMH, something looks off?
Needs more memory to do the invoke.
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I’ll look some more. :v:

Under Configuration, it just wants a wifi configuration, nothing else. Under Output, there is nothing enabled. Under Tool, it appears to just let you erase the device and upload files. I used the “Send” button on the main screen to upload the model.

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So it turns out the camera I’m using isn’t supported - I ordered an OV5647 based camera, hopefully that will fix things.

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Hi There,
Oh’ my… LOL wow… Great find there. LMK how the new camera works out, the free GVAIv2 and an additional unit are B.O. until march 2, Wah,Wah, wah… :joy:
I’ll be diving head long into it.
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