Grove - UV Sensor SEN00700P

Can someone please explain how the UV sensor output values (current) should be converted to an illumination intensity? From the wiki page it looks like a simple application of V=IR to get a voltage from the current output. Then the next step is to obtain illumination intensity by multiplying by 307 (mW/m2). However, I do not see why 4980.0 was used as the resistance or why 307 is the appropriate factor…

Thanks in advance for your time!

You may know that the UV index is very complicated, altitude, thickness of cloud, distance between satellite and ground, and many factors. This UV sensor can output a value, and our software engineer have a further project about it, we calculate a approximate equation, such as 307, 200. Hope it could be helpful to people.



Thank you for your response and I can appreciate the complicated nature of determining the UV index.

Can you explain the values though? If you determined them experimentally, what sort of procedure did you use?

I’m sorry this project is provided by our customer. We would invite him to show the details on the wiki if he could.