Grove - Ultrasonic Ranger

I’ve recently purchased a Grove - Ultrasonic Ranger from Seeedstudio. I’ve tried to use it with MBED or Microchip PIC microcontroller but could not get a response from the sensor.

I’m sending a 10 us logic 1 (5V) pulse through the signal line and then setting the pin as input and waiting for the response pulse to measure its duration. I’m getting nothing…

With MBED i tried to use 3.3V, but with Microchip PIC i’m using 5V. Am i doing something wrong?
Do the signal line need some pull up or pull down? I’m simply connecting it (no pull) to the microcontroller pin.

Grove wiki is really missing details. And i must say i was really desappointed when i found out it isn’t open hardware.

Thanks in advance for your answer!

Dear customer, … rogramming
This WIKI page is for our ultrasonic sensor how it work and the code for Arduino.

As you know Arduino is base on AVR chip, so if you use PIC or ARM then you should change the code by yourself.

Anyway, if you use MBED it is work at 3.3V may be not compatible with 5V sensor to calculate the value.

PIC also should code by yourself.

Hope that can help you.

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