Grove Ultrasonic Ranger nothing happening

I am trying to use the grove ultrasonic ranger on the raspberry pi with the grovepi+ hat. I have followed the instructions exactly to set it up, but when I run the default program (or a personal program that performs basically the same task), nothing happens. In the terminal, it is just blank, I do not receive an error or any text. I am thinking it is the ultrasonicRead() function itself, getting stuck in a loop somewhere inside. Any help with this?

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Hi @Shan25Cent, Can you share the code you are using!

Hi @salman, I am using the code from this link, . I have also followed all of the setup instructions, as different grove modules are working properly. Also, when I run i2cdetect -y 1, the ranger is detected.

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# GrovePi + Grove Ultrasonic Ranger
from grovepi import *
# Connect the Grove Ultrasonic Ranger to digital port D4
ultrasonic_ranger = 4
while True:
        # Read distance value from Ultrasonic
        print ultrasonicRead(ultrasonic_ranger)
    except TypeError:
        print "Error"
    except IOError:
        print "Error"

Here is the exact code.

Can you try connecting different port and try agin!

I just tried different ports, and the same issue happens. However, I would run the code without changing ultrasonic_ranger = 4, and the same thing would happen. I tried changing this to ultrasonic_ranger = 3, 2, etc, and nothing happened.

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Hello! @Shan25Cent

were you able to debug it?

The ultrasonic ranger is working now, a complete re-installation helped.
Hope this helps.