Grove UART Wifi V2 integrated temperature sensor

The Grove UART WiFi v2 wiki page states this device has an integrated temperature sensor:

How do you access this in Arduino C? There aren’t any examples that I can find on the wiki or the forums and I can’t find anything at all about it in my searches.

Further, the example code on that page is really pointless. Showing a list APs on an external OLED? Why not show how to connect to an AP? Why not give a practical, useful example?

I really enjoy the simplicity of Seeed Grove products (I use these shields for everything because working with breadboards and wires and resistores is a pain), but the code examples are mostly lousy and impractical. Please consider adding more examples and ones that are useful.


Hello, thank you for your feedback, we will listen carefully and adopt it. We will try our best to demo design the product documentation and apologize for the inconvenience caused to you again. We are still confirming whether the wifi module you mentioned here has an integrated temperature module.